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MKIC is a joint venture company involving the Government of Malaysia and the Government of Kuwait. The Company was incorporated on 6th September 1980.

Malaysian Kuwaiti Investment Co. Sdn Bhd (“MKIC”), a Government Linked Company (GLC), was established through a series of bilateral meetings between the Kuwaiti and Malaysian Governments following the signing of the Economic and Technical Co-operation Agreement on 21st January 1975. This landmark agreement paved the way for the formation of a Joint-venture holding company, enabling direct Kuwaiti investment in Malaysia. MKIC’s inception came to fruition on 6th September 1980, with the execution of the Joint Venture Agreement involving Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (PERNAS), Kuwait Real Estate Investment Consortium K.S.C (KREIC), and the Public Institution for Social Security, Kuwait (PIFSS).

Initially engaging in five core activities encompassing property, plantations, trading, manufacturing, and financial services, MKIC has evolved significantly over almost four decades. In the mid-nineties, a strategic realignment occurred, focusing on divesting non-performing activities such as trading, manufacturing, and financial services, to concentrate on the two remaining core areas of property development and oil palm plantations. In 1997, the company made a decisive move, fully divesting its property activities to emphasize and concentrate on the oil palm plantation and palm oil milling sectors.

MKIC’s present-day strategic plan aims to ensure a sustainable revenue base by diversifying its activities and pursuing new income-generating ventures. In line with this vision, the company has ventured into diverse sectors, including large-scale broiler chicken projects, commercial coconut planting, and downstream coconut activities. This diversification strategy positions MKIC for continued growth and resilience in the market.

Vision 25


Mission 25

Average oil palm yield of 25 mt/hectare.
Mill OER (Oil Extraction Rate) of 25%.
Land bank expansion to 25,000 hectares through “Indera Model” & government collaboration.
Average coconut yield of 25,000 nuts/hectare.
Poultry production for the year of 2,500,000 chickens.
25% clean energy generation/renewable resources.
Recognized as the top “People & Sustainability” benchmark for plantation
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