The Company practices good corporate governance in the management of the affairs of the company by encouraging all employees and stakeholders of Malaysian Kuwaiti Investment Company Sdn Bhd and its subsidiaries (MKIC) to lodge report for the following:
(a) suspected fraud,
(b) corruption,
(c) bribery,
(d) wrong-doing,
(e) abuse of power,
(f) conflict of interest.
(g) misuse of company assets for non-official business,
(h) inappropriate behaviour,
(i) non-compliance with established company procedures.
The above listing is not exhaustive and it includes any acts or omissions which can increase the likelihood and impact, financial or otherwise, on the company’s financial and operational integrity.


A disclosure on improper conduct may be made if the whistleblower has reasonable grounds to belief that:
(a) the alleged wrongdoer has engaged, or is prepared to engage in a conduct prohibited by the MKIC internal Policies and Procedures, financial and operational internal controls, or applicable laws and regulations; 
(b) there are Improper conduct in the management of the financial and operational affairs of the company;
(c) the wrongdoer has committed criminal offence under the law, such as fraud, bribery, corruption, forgery, cheating, criminal breach of trust, abetting or intending to commit criminal such offences; 
(d) the wrongdoer solicits / receive bribe / offer bribes, or is involved in the solicitation of a bribe, or a favour in exchange for direct or indirect personal benefits;
(e) the wrongdoer has committed an act of theft; 
(f) the alleged has intention to deceive through false claims or have committed deception through false claims;
(g) the alleged had abused power and position; and
(h) any other actions that are detrimental to the conduct of the company’s finances, business operations, assets, resources and goals.
All whistleblowing lodgements shall be addressed to anyone or all of the following designated channels:
1. By normal mail to the following address:
  The Integrity & Governance Department
  Malaysian Kuwaiti Investment Company Sdn Bhd
  Level 19, Menara Liberty,
  No.: 1008, Jalan Sultan Ismail   
  50250 Kuala Lumpur
2. The Integrity & Governance Department at the email whistleblowing@mkic.com.my; or 
3. The Office of the Chairman of the Board at whistleblowing1@mkic.com.my; or
4. The Office of the Chairman of the Audit Committee at whistleblowing2@mkic.com.my.
5. Whistleblowing through MKIC website at http://www.mkic.com.my/whistleblowing-policy/#
For more information, kindly refer to MKIC WHISTLEBLOWING POLICY Board Approved on July 2 2020



(Total maximum file size: 20MB)